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Tonight's Moon Phase - Thursday, February 6, 2014

Waxing Crescent
Waxing Crescent

Today, the moon finishes its tour through Aries, giving us a quick boost of power and internal strength before we head into a void-of-course moon and then, straight into Taurus, where we'll begin to feel the pull of patience, new found warmth in many earth-realm things and relationships, and awareness of monetary value. The moon void, while it will not affect sleep patterns this time around, will still impose its energy on us; expect a period of restlessness, lethargy, and clouded thoughts today as well. All times are based in Austin, TX - CST.

As always, the Tonight's Moon Phase series is based on Astronomical Astrology, which means happenings are discussed as they are happening in the actual sky. I always encourage everyone to get a hands-on experience with what they are learning in order to get the full scope of knowledge! Go ahead! Step outside and admire the sky! For those living in or around the Austin area, the UT campus is holding Wednesday night viewings!

Tonight's Moon Phase - 44% Waxing Crescent

  • Waxing Crescent Moon - The waxing crescent moon is the perfect time to begin the process of bringing new things into your life! This can be in the form of long-term opportunities, starting a new hobby, or even beginning the process of bettering your life! The waxing crescent is young, impressionable, and ready to take on new life; use this symbolism in your visualizations, prayers, and spells to start off your next journey! This is the best time for long-term prayers and spells.
  • Moon in Aries - Aries is the cardinal fire sign of our zodiac. Ruled by Mars, Aries brings power, strength, individuality, and perseverance into play. When combined with today's waxing crescent moon, Aries' energy will ensure that your prayers/spells have the power to come to complete fruition! Use this energy for prayers and spells for leadership, authority, rebirth, and willpower. Be careful, however, results from this sign are said to be sudden and tend to take the most direct approach to manifestation. While the moon is in Aries today, expect to feel driven, focused, and impulsive! The Moon will leave Aries at 12:23 pm - CST.
  • Moon Void-of-Course - The moon is said to be "void-of-course" when it is traveling between two zodiac signs; the moon's energy is uninfluenced. When this happens, people tend to be restless, lethargic, confused, and have a greater lack of clarity during this time. Because this "void" is happening during the afternoon, try to complete most of your work before lunchtime, as after that, you may not be able to conjure up the energy needed to stay on track!
  • Moon in Taurus - The moon enters this fixed earth sign at 6:02 pm - CST. While the moon is in this sign, we become aware of the more earthly, secular items and activities! We begin to hone in on what makes all of the fun in life, and we start to see some beautiful treasures at the end of our hard work! When combined with the waxing crescent moon, we have the perfect recipe for prayers and spells for money, love, relationships, material happiness, and the home.
  • Thursday - Thursday is the day of Jupiter, the God of expansion, energetic growth, money, prosperity, open doors, and leadership. Today is a power day for Aries and Taurus, giving you access to two great types of energy for your prayer and spell work!
  • Suggested Prayer/Spell work - Increasing. Long-term. Leadership, will-power, restarting the completion of goals, love, money, finances, initiative, patience, and confidence.

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Copyright 2014, Jennifer McDonald

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