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Tonight on TV - The need for speed

Carrier airs tonight on PBS.
Carrier airs tonight on PBS.

Tonight you can really get your adrenaline pumping. No, I don't mean by cheering on your favorite acts in America's Got Talent's first Las Vegas showcase episode or laughing at the idiots on Wipeout.

No, tonight's about fighter planes.

NOVA - 8 pm - WNTV Cold war rivalries extend to the present day as Russian and American fighter pilots battle it out over MiG Alley, a strip of airspace above the North Korean-Chinese border.

CARRIER - 9 pm - WNTV This series follows the real workings of life aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. Tonight we witness the crew saying goodbye to loved ones as the mighty ship prepares to set sail. One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Bonchek Adams, recently wrote a thought-provoking piece about this series on her blog.

FLYING THE SECRET SKY - 10 pm - WUNF This documentary sends us back to the early stages of World War II, when civilian pilots fought incredible odds to deliver American-built bombers to Britain.

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