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CNN's 'Morgan Spurlock Inside Man' goes behind the scenes at PA animal shelter

Morgan Spurlock at ARL of Berks County
Morgan Spurlock at ARL of Berks County

When you think of animal shelters, what comes to mind? Do you think only of the animals there, or also of the hard-working staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to find animals good homes; who feed, clean, and socialize hundreds of animals every day; and who are often forced to make life or death decisions when the shelter becomes overcrowded?

Tonight at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT, CNN's Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, "Pets in America," shows a side of shelters that many might not have seen, and gets up close and personal with shelter staff and animals.

Featuring the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Reading, Pennsylvania, Spurlock takes viewers through a dramatic week as a shelter volunteer and animal foster.

Viewers will follow him through the joy of animal adoption to the heartbreak of euthanasia. He also discusses spay and neutering, puppy mills and their connection to pet stores, and America's obsession with pets - including a dog who wears $1,000 outfits.

"Where I worked in Reading, PA is one of thousands of these types of shelters across the country. You see these animals who are so sweet and so nice, and a lot of them who won't get adopted and will end up getting killed. That's the sad side of the story. But the fact that there are people who every day make them first in their lives is phenomenal." -Morgan Spurlock

Watch video clip.

A huge thank you to all the shelter workers and volunteers who care for so many animals despite all the challenges you face.

Recently honored by the International Documentary Association with the “Best Limited Series” Award, Morgan Spurlock Inside Man is hosted and produced by the Oscar®-nominated documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and this season will feature a wide range of subjects that are part of the national conversation including, personal privacy, income disparity in the U.S, America’s obsession with pets, and the big business of college athletics.

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