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Tonight is the real Honeymoon

Honeymoon tonight
Honeymoon tonight
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Yes, tonight is the real Honeymoon which is actually a full moon and the last one in June to boot. Many couples get married in June and especially around the last full moon which was known as the Honeymoon. While there are many myths, as well as, traditions regarding the Honeymoon, a few stick out in history as we shall see.

Today, a honeymoon is celebrated by a get-away vacation after the wedding ceremony. However, it is interesting that more couples get married in June and especially around the full moon each year. History tells us that this occasion has morphed over the years to what we have today. In Great Britain, the affluent class of newlyweds would celebrate by socializing with family and friends that did not attend the wedding itself. They would celebrate the occasion by going on a Honeymoon and most often drank plenty of honey mead, the traditional alcoholic beverage made from honey all over Europe.

In more ancient times, the couple was gifted honey mead to last them a month because the celebration continued well after the actual wedding. It was a time for the couple to get to know each other better and get accustomed to marriage. For the less fortunate, the Honeymoon was a time for the couple to get better acquainted with each other and was often celebrated for a month until the next full moon. Honey Mead was the drink and party they did.

Most couples did not go on a vacation back then, but rather celebrated the marriage in their own town or village. The most important date of couples getting married during a full moon did not change for hundreds of years. It has changed in modern times, because the moon is of less importance in today's cultures, especially western cultures.

What is interesting about this full moon is that it takes place on Friday the 13th which has its own history, myths and legends. This makes it even more powerful than just any full moon as we approach the Spring Equinox on June 21 taking us into summer. If you are getting married under this influence, history tells us that it is the best date and time of year.