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Tonight, hit Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom and Brittney Cason know how to throw a party!
Rock Bottom and Brittney Cason know how to throw a party!
Rock Bottom and Brittney Cason

All week there’s Sex and the City parties in lieu of the new movie releasing this week. And there’s nothing like a lot of parties. . . or a lot of sex, but that’s a whole different column. Anyway, tonight there’s an event so fabulous, you’ll be ready to hit rock bottom. And no, I’m not talking the bad kind of rock bottom, but rather, the restaurant and brewery uptown.

Tonight at 6:30pm, Brittney Cason will be hosting a Sex and the City 2 party at Rock Bottom . Specials include half price appetizers and Sex and the City martinis, which is already a great combination. But there’s even more fun and games. . . literally. Brittney will be hosting trivia night, and not just any trivia, but a special Sex and the City trivia, too. Prizes include prescreening and regular movie passes, food, shoes and fedoras (information gathered from the invite).

And the party doesn’t stop till Brittney says so. Because starting around 10pm, she will be heading over to BUTTER, who have kindly given her a table for the night. So whether it’s at Rock Bottom, BUTTER, or both, go out and party Sex and the City style, with Charlotte’s own Carrie Bradshaw, Brittney Cason.

Oh, and since we’re talking about Sex and the City 2, check back with me on Thursday for a recap of the Sex and the City 2 prescreening event.