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TOMS Coffee Roasting Co.: Buy a bag of coffee and provide a week of water?

TOMS serving up coffee and giving away water
TOMS serving up coffee and giving away water
Photo by Vivien Killilea

AUSTIN, TX -- Monday at South by Southwest (SXSW) Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, announced their next big step in its 'One-For-One' company model-- specialty wholesale coffee. When consumers purchase a bag of coffee, Water For People, will give fresh water to someone who needs it, for a whole week.

TOMS, known for its ‘One-For-One’ company model, will continue to hold true, in that it will give away fresh water instead of coffee, to those in need. Mycoskie's company model for TOMS quickly set them apart from other foot and eyewear companies. The idea of buying yourself a pair of shoes and knowing that a child in a third world country who has no shoes -- possibly never owning any -- is getting a pair as well, not only caused the company to become a viral sensation -- attracting more than two million social followers -- but created a personal customer investment very few brands accomplish in such a short period of time.

TOMS’, ‘One-For-One’, will continue to meet needs in a very practical way: for every bag of TOMS Roasted Co., coffee sold, someone in a village needing fresh water will receive a weeks’ worth. In a press release Tuesday, Water For People CEO Ned Breslin announced;

“We are thrilled to be TOMS Roasting Co.’s inaugural Giving Partner. Together, Water For People and TOMS can empower communities to build and sustain safe water systems without relying on indefinite international aid.”

What's going to happen when TOMS come to town. According to Mycoskie, plans include whole roasting with new roast master, Angel Orozco, founder of LA's Cafecito Organico, as well as a chain of retail shops, a subscription club, and Whole Food stores to be major national distributors.

According to Mycoskie, coffeehouses like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best are not considered their competition. Third wave roasters like Blue Bottle, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., Stumptown, Counter Culture, and Intelligentsia are a few of the third wave roasters who have raised, and continue to raise, the standard for coffee and quality knowledge, social awareness, as well as maintaining a positive direct-trade consciousness, which the third wave independent-spirited coffee culture of today is characteristically known for. It’s this category that TOMS Roasting Co., it placing itself in.

All TOMS Roasting Co., offerings are $12.99 for 12oz. Current offerings include:

  • Rwanda - direct trade, light roast
  • Honduras - direct trade, fair trade and organic certified, dark roast
  • Carpe Diem (Espresso Blend) - direct trade, medium roast
  • Guatemala - direct trade, fair and organic certified, medium roast
  • Malawi - direct trade, fair trade certified, light roast
  • Peru - direct, organic and fair trade certified, medium roast

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