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Tomorrow TCM to air five Charlton Heston movies

A publicity still of Charlton Heston and Marina Berti for "Ben-Hur"
Wikimedia Commons

Tomorrow night starting at 7 pm central time, TCM will be airing Charlton Heston movies. The popular actor is getting a TCM star tribute with the pick of five of his diverse films. Heston starred in plenty of movies, he's known for his bible epics like "Ben-Hur" to his 70s sci-fi films like "Omega Man," or "Soylent Green."

These films that will be airing tomorrow night are:

  • "Ruby Gentry" (1952)

Heston and Jennfier Jones starred in this melodrama that had been directed by King Vidor. It's about a poor woman, who marries not for love, and how it affected her in a society that she never was given a chance in.

  • "The Agony and the Ecstasy" (1965)

Carol Reed directed Heston and Rex Harrison in a film about Michelangelo, and his painting of the Sistine Chapel.

  • "55 Days at Peking" (1963)

Nicholas Ray, known for his film "Rebel Without A Cause," and several films directed Heston and Ava Gardner in a film about an American Major who leads against Chinese revolutionaries in 1900 Peking.

  • "Soylent Green" (1973)

"Soylent Green," is a film that needs no introduction. It's a cult classic that many like to quote! Also this was Edward G. Robinson's last film!

  • "Skyjacked" (1972)

Heston and James Brolin starred in this thriller about a mad bomber, who forces the jet to take him to Moscow.

So that's the five films that will be airing tomorrow. For those who are interested in Charlton Heston's films should not miss this. Once again the movies will be starting at 7 pm on the Turner Classic Movies channel. For a complete schedule: TCM Heston Schedule.

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