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Tomorrow's on the way

Where will you be?
Where will you be?
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

If you're like 90% of metro Denverites, you spent the last 24 hours cooped inside waiting for a break in the weather so you could go somewhere to release your pent up cabin fever.

As a kid, I remember praying for snow days like this, when it meant school was cancelled and we'd go down the block to a friend's house and play Atari and watch Warren Miller movies on VHS.

Thanks to modern technology, today getting our movie fix on snow days does not require getting in the car or even going down the street to a neighbor's house. We now have instant download via Netflix, Blockbuster Online, and the like.

The perfect movie for a snow day like this? Why, of course, The Day After Tomorrow. There's no better way to make your own weather problems seem petty than watch an end-of-the-world disaster movie.

Starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, The Day After Tomorrow is a survival tale in a futuristic world whose wild temperature fluctuations have become cataclysmic due to the prolonged effects of climate change. A 21st Century Ice Age suddenly ensues, and the sanctuary of modern civilization provides no respite from the fury of global warming.