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Tomorrow is the International Day of Acceptance and Martin Luther King Day

Disability Examiner in the IDOA shirt she will wear to her local Martin Luther King celebration
Beth Valasquez

Jan. 20 is both the International Day of Acceptance (IDOA), sponsored by the wheelchair user-owned apparel, accessory, and gift company 3E Love, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, otherwise known as the National Day of Service (NDOS). The point of the IDOA is to encourage people with disabilities (PWD) to accept themselves and the bodies they have. Communities are also encouraged to be more accepting of PWD.

Even if f you haven’t gotten your IDOA shirt this year, you can still participate by entering the essay contest (if you have Facebook) for the next six days. You can also change your Twitter or Facebook profile pictures for the day. Most importantly, you can go out and be a visible and positive example of how to live and love life as a PWD.

Take your IDOA shirt, if you have one and yourself, to an NDOS event in your area. Help others while educating your community about the asset PWD can be and are within their communities. If you don’t own a shirt, attend an NDOS anyway. Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Annie Hopkins, the co-founder of 3E Love, left the world too early. Their important work needs everyone to help complete it. If helping that happen is not already part of your life, begin tomorrow. The world needs you!

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