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TOMORROW, February 2, 2014: The Earth's Ley Lines to be Reactivated

I received this information re tomorrow's reactivation of the Ley Lines - at Sunrise and Sunset - and wanted to pass it along. here's what Judy Bowden has to say about it: It is time the dark ones leave this planet/universe! Babies and children should not be starved and raped; we should have health and abundance in all. Not necessary to read the lengthy article, just join the meditation at sunrise or sunset with your intent and visualization of the ley lines glistening as it is reactivated. Please join in - we have the power... Love & Blessings, Judy

And Jean Haines writes:

I cannot begin to tell you the importance of this effort! The date was given from the Other Side; and it is the day of the Super Bowl.

I'm asking you to take time out from whatever you are doing tomorrow to participate in it. I assure you that your effort is much needed, and it will make a difference.

All of you who are angry about the snow - don't get mad, get even! - But do so peacefully!

In order to be effective you cannot meditate from a place of anger. If you do, you will simply feed the Cabal/Illuminati and keep them alive.

This video is one Drunvalo Melchizedek uses in preparation for the Merkaba to help people into their hearts. Please consider using it before you enter into your meditation to reactivate the Ley Lines.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE - Join Us - TOMORROW, at Sunrise and Sunset, in your local area!!


Time Converter Project Ley Lines Update 260114

And many thanks to Veronica Keen, who shares this information with us.

To our Health, Wealth, and Gentle, Smooth Awakening! Dancing heart~~~~

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