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Tomodachi Life introduced to the West

Today we were given a special Nintendo Direct that showed off a game known as Tomodochi Life, a game that is simply impossible to explain with just words.

Tomodachi Life will be released come June

While watching the Direct provided above may give some insight on the game, it really still doesn't tell us exactly what we are in store for when it comes to North America and Europe on June 6.

The basic concept of the game seems to be getting your Miis together on an island and having them interact with each other. You can give them their own voice, personality, relationships and other things while they inhabit the land, leading to many quirky scenarios.

In an interview with IGN last week, Senior Product Marketing Manager Bill Trinen of Nintendo tried to explain the game.

“We look at it really as this sort of living breathing world, and it’s a bit of an alternate reality, where the Mii characters of people you know in everyday life come together to interact and mingle. And the results of it are incredibly funny, with unexpected moments that occur between all of these characters.”

The game has been out in Japan since April of 2013 and has sold an impressive 1.82 million copies. Nintendo had previously released another game in the Tomodachi series in 2009 for the Nintendo DS, but it never saw the light of day outside of Japan.

Suffice to say that this game is certainly an original creation by the folks at Nintendo. Clearly it has been well received in Japan so hopefully it will have just as large an appeal for Nintendo fans in the West.

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