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A fellow Examiner writer, Danny Cox, recently reported how Courtney Love swears she found the wreckage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight. He ended it with the tagline of “If she proves to be correct, the Internet will probably collapse in on itself.” Certainly, I hope it would not be the case, as I will miss the tweets, posts and other rants and raves from her fellow miscreants and ne’er do wells.

So what does this have with internet and/or technology? Well when a website is out there for anyone and everyone to peruse satellite photos in the hopes of finding “the plane”, it has everything to do with the internet.

Tomnod, at is the site. When you first visit the site, it takes you through a brief intro. Then it invites you to join the campaign to find the missing flight. It allows you to tag for suspected oil slicks, plane debris, rafts and other uncategorized anomalies.

In looking at, it is hard for the untrained eye to know what a spot on the satellite photo is, however, if it is in the middle of the ocean, it just may be something that shouldn’t naturally be there. makes no guarantees, but with the internet being as active and popular as it is, we could each take 5-10 minutes out of our status updating, tweeting and words with friends day to help put an end or otherwise supply some answers to this tragedy.

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