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Tommy Lineberry: Golf cart driver ran over cop's foot, charged with hit and run?

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Tommy Lineberry is in big trouble. The 59-year-old Lineberry was driving a golf cart over to on-course reporter NBC analyst Roger Maltbie at the US Open Championship yesterday when he neglected to listen to a cop’s directive to stop. Instead, Lineberry’s electric cart, with a whopping top speed of about 18 mph, ran over the big-booted foot of the patrolman. For that, Lineberry was hauled off to jail.

The trooper was evidently asking individuals to wait behind a walkway as Martin Kaymer teed off on the 11th hole at Pinehurst Golf Course on Sunday. But Lineberry either didn’t hear the North Carolina Highway Patrolman, or decided to ignore him, and struck the cop in the foot.

Incredibly, the cop, identified as R. A. Goodin, went on a brief footchase after the buggy, jumped onto the back of the cart and actually put his hand and arm around Lineberry’s neck.

A Golf Digest photographer had the camera at the ready and snapped some pics of Lineberry getting arrested. The Daily Mail also carried a photo of Trooper Goodin’s leap onto the back of the golf cart. Evidently his foot was not so horribly injured.

“This is a new one,” Maltbie said. “I’ve been to a couple of rodeos and a county fair and I’ve never had this happen.”

According to the Daily Mail, Trooper Goodin allegedly told Lineberry, whose job was to drive Maltbie around the course, to stay put, but he refused, telling the cop: “I'm supposed to get the cart to Roger.”

In typical cop fashion, the trooper was then seen getting a few inches from Lineberry’s face before yelling: “When a state trooper tells you to stop, THAT'S what you're supposed to do.”

Fellow trooper C.A. Smith then cuffed Lineberry. Check out this laundry list of offenses that Lineberry was charged with: felony assault on a law enforcement officer, felony hit and run, driving while impaired, resisting arrest and obstruction. Lineberry was taken to Moore County Jail, where he posted a $3,000 bond.

Trooper Goodin had his foot looked at in the Open’s medical trailer. It was fine.