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Tommy Lasorda wishes V. Stiviano gets hit with car? Donald Sterling’s pal upset

Tommy Lasorda
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Donald Sterling scandal has stirred up plenty of emotion around Los Angeles, but there seems to be a real distaste about V. Stiviano’s involvement in the situation. Some fans have wondered how people who are so-called friends of Donald Sterling might feel about it. Well, former Los Angeles Dodgers manager and celebrity Tommy Lasorda definitely didn't hold back. According to WPBF in West Palm Beach on Tuesday, the baseball legend hopes V. Stiviano gets hit by a car.

"And I don't wish that girl any bad luck, but I hope she gets hit with a car," said Tommy Lasorda about the woman. The video shares that the word-for-word quote and it had the interviewer shocked as the man was so callous. In fact it is hard to believe that someone would say this for a television interview.

Tommy Lasorda isn't surprised about Donald Sterling remarks or the scandal that he is embattled in. Suggesting that the racist remarks were inappropriate, the former baseball manager seemed to accept that his friend said something terrible, but he felt that his scorn should be directed elsewhere.

Some people might wonder if Donald Sterling and Tommy Lasorda are really friends, but Tommy admitted to being a friend for over 30 years during the interview. It was a surprising revelation after all the issues that Sterling is currently facing. Instead of distancing himself, Lasorda seemed to be acknowledging behavior that he might have seen in the past.

So what was Tommy Lasorda doing in West Palm Beach and why was he talking about Los Angeles basketball? The man was set to pick up his honorary degree from Northwood University and he was scheduled to speak as the school's commencement speaker Tuesday afternoon. Before hitting the stage he offered up a minute for the local news channel to talk about the honor and the biggest scandal in sports came up.

Tommy Lasorda’s remarks are rather shocking, even for someone who lives in Los Angeles. Who wishes for someone to get hit by a car? It seems so ridiculous and makes people wonder why he would suggest such a terrible thing to the world.

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