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Tommy Chong Offers CNN hosts marijuana: ‘You guys want to score some weed?’

Tommy Chong smokes marijuana and he has some weed for sale. The star who is famous for the Cheech & Chong movie series had Ashleigh Banfield, the anchor of CNN’s morning show Legal View along with his panel feeling a little awkward on Monday. Apparently nobody on the panel had never been asked to buy pot before.

“You guys wanted to score some weed?” asked Tommy Chong immediately after being introduced on CNN's Legal View. The panelists looked a little nervous as they obviously haven't been asked this question on live television before. "There is no problem. I have been paying my lawyer with weed. Weed is the biggest international currency is the international currency of the world.”

On January 1, 2014, pot becomes legal for people in Colorado to use. The star has been a strong advocate of legalizing pot use. And even though Tommy Chong might have been joking about selling pot on live TV, it’s safe to say the awkward moment on video where CNN’s anchors can’t figure out if Tommy is serious or joking is priceless.

Take a look at the video clip of Tommy Chong on CNN. It’s funny and a reminder of how uptight some people can be, even though they claim to have an opinion about the issue.

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