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Tomena Sanner review

Tomena Sanner is a quirky, bizarre game, and it's a very fun WiiWare game.
Tomena Sanner is a quirky, bizarre game, and it's a very fun WiiWare game.

One thing consumers must remember is that price does not indicate quality. This is the case with Konami’s latest WiiWare offering, Tomena Sanner. Don’t let the paltry 500 Wii Point price tag fool you- this is a great game that is an absolute blast to play. It’s one of those bizarre Japanese titles that doesn’t make any sense, but once you start playing, it’s hard to stop.

The concept is surprising simple: Businessman Hitoshi Susumu is running late, so he is in quite a rush. He runs through level after level trying to reach his goal, where he will celebrate with an amazing dance routine. It might not make sense, but it doesn’t have too. You find yourself running through a wide variety of environments- the city, prehistoric times, the Moon, a futuristic city complete with giant robots and Hell.

While running, Susumu faces numerous obstacles. He must dodge T-Rexes, beat up punks, dance with school girls, flip over cars and more. All you have to do to help Mr. Susumu? Press the A-button. This game is all about timing, and pressing at the proper moment will earn you a “Good” or “Great” ranking, earning you some points and additional time. Press the button too early or too late, you will find yourself crashing into whatever obstacle lies ahead, and this could result in getting smacked by a girl to getting hugged by a panda bear. Whatever the result, you’ll lose some points and speed down.

The game features nine stages. There are two difficulty modes: Normal, which is a great place to start, and Turbo, in which everything is sped up, proving the player with a greater challenge. Turbo Mode takes quick timing and lightning-fast reflexes to beat.

There is also an Endless Mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. An added bonus is the online leader board. You can upload your scores and see how you compare to others in North America or worldwide. Those in the Top 30 have their names listed.

There is also a delightfully unnecessary multiplayer mode. Up to four players can compete as Susumu runs across the stage, and there are numerous power ups available to trip the other player up. The single player mode alone justifies the $5 price tag, but the multiplayer mode is a great addition to the game.

So, while Tomena Sanner isn’t that long, the leaderboards provide an incentive to go back and increase you score, and the multiplayer mode is just crazy fun.

The game is zany and quite funny. As you run, a running commentary can be seen, pointing out how well (or bad) Susumu is doing as he runs. It can be tough to read while you attempt to avoid all the obstacles in your way, but some of the comments are quite amusing and sure to put a smile on your face.

All in all, Tomena Sanner is a great addition to the WiiWare library, and well worth the download.

Score: 8.5 out of 10


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