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Tomcat Joe goes 'Solo' with latest drop

Tomcat Joe playing that there 'GIT-ar!'
Tomcat Joe playing that there 'GIT-ar!'
Courtesy Tomcat Joe Facebook page

Thomas Malta must believe in reincarnation.

Tomcat Joe, who performs as a solo act up to a five-piece band, goes it alone on his EP 'Solo' released in June and recorded at Fly Studios in Cudahy.
Tomat Malta

Maybe not in the afterlife, but here on earth, to be sure.

Thomas Malta became Tomcat Malta and is now known as Tomcat Joe.

He performs under that moniker as a solo, duo, trio...all the way up to a full, five-piece band.

Whatever he calls himself really doesn't matter all that much because he just makes good music.

More and more fans are lining up to hear him play in one of his multitudinous configurations.

This past June, he released a one-man EP appropriately titled 'Solo.'

Recorded at Fly Studios in Cudahy, Wisconsin, Solo showcases the many genres in which Tomcat Joe dabbles.

This is a follow-up to the large band's 2013 effort Easystreet Rock, which is also worth listening to over and over again.

It is so hard to pigeon-hole this performer that he coined his own niche: Folk-Rockin' Bluesabilly.

Well, that oughta cover it.

The six songs on this effort were written by Malta, but he shares credit with Brittany D on Rue La Chat Noir.

The aforementioned cut has a real coffeehouse/beatnik feel to it.

Cry To The Moon and No More Forever are haunting ballads but the messages are as crisp and clear as Tomcat's vocals.

Drop Dead Red is Bluesy with a Rock 'n Roll kick tossed in for good measure.

Movin' Backwards is a fun, story-song that has more of a folk texture to it and could easily have been penned in the 1950s.

Please do not pass up an opportunity to see this performer/band play out live.

Tomcat Joe flat-out delivers on this effort and whenever he takes the stage.

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