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Tomato Face: Dig it With an Ear Shovel

Tomato Face, Record Store Day 2014
Tomato Face, Record Store Day 2014
Eva Bernard

The Little Shop of Records was one of many that celebrated Record Store Day. A quirky little record shop on the outskirts of Nashville in a town called Murfreesboro, this store had plenty of entertainment—one of such being a live set from local band Tomato Face.

Fellow music listeners got their groove on to this crazy duo while shopping around for new tunes. But it didn’t end there: Tomato Face will be releasing the live recording of the set sometime mid-May.

Consisting of Hershey, Pennsylvania natives Jake Umberger and Chase Price, Tomato Face is an eclectic duo that never ceases to have their audience moving in some form or fashion. That contagious alternative funk/groove is driven by Price’s maniacal bass and Umberger’s unmistakable drums.

In a deliberate style that surfaces genres such as ska, alternative, and a twinge of sporadic rap, Price delivers vocals in a clear cut, wacky enunciation, with lyrics that both befuddle and amuse. In songs such as ‘Trolley Man,’ one gets the story of a conversation with the meat man at a supermarket, ending in “bla bla bla bla,” almost giving off the impression of an unreliable narrator.

‘The Chicken Machine’ gives an opening that might remind one of Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang, but quickly takes off on a unique route of head banging thrash-like chords and accompanying vocals. Umberger’s drums kick in at just the right moments to engulf this lyrical mind tangle, building up the funky skeleton that can only be Tomato Face. With the groove, beat, and one of a kind topsy-turviness, this duo is truly an exhilarating energy on the musical scene. So dig it.

Gear up for their upcoming live release by keeping ears peeled and Vitamin C nutrition up to par: Find it at the Little Shop of Records in the coming weeks. For more info visit

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