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Tom Wisdom amazes as Archangel Michael

Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael
Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael

Tom Wisdom has garnered a whole legion (no pun intended) of new fans in recognition of his role as Archangel Michael in SyFy's new hit show, Dominion. It was as if he was made to play Michael, a high angel who has sided with mankind in the war against his brother, Archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes). God has disappeared and Gabriel wants to destroy the humans and reclaim the Earth, but Michael is having none of that. He portrays Michael in a somewhat cold manner, but there is clearly a deep love within him. He has sworn to protect Alex (Chris Egan), the Chosen One to save mankind in the defense of the angels.

When Tom is on the screen, you can't take your eyes off of him. You may even turn up the volume to absorb his flawlessly delivered dialogue. In a word, he is captivating. While the show is just three episodes in to its first season, fans are already pulling for a season two. Tom's Twitter follower count is rapidly climbing by each day, especially since he has live-tweeted during the past two airings of Dominion. Of course, one man cannot rule the entire show and his castmates are equally as talented. Carl Beukes is mesmerizing as Gabriel; the bad boy we love to hate...or should I say hate to love? Roxanne McKee plays Claire, the princess that cares deeply for the people of Vega.

Fans have taken to Twitter using #Dominion to help the show gain ratings recognition; hoping it will be a success so we can continue to see our two favorite Archangel brothers duke it out. Tom puts his 300 sword training to use as he battles and performs many of his own stunts, including "flying". People are addicted to Dominion and there is no question as to why.

Dominion airs on SyFy Thursday nights at 9/8c. Previously aired episodes are available on Hulu Plus and for individual purchase on Amazon for those who do not have SyFy.