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Tom Wilson live in Cincinnati

Comedian Tom Wilson
Comedian Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson

“I don’t tell jokes really,” says stand-up comic and actor, Tom Wilson. “It’s sort of high energy storytelling. I act out a lot of stories. I almost consider what I do, not so much stand-up comedy, but really funny theatre.”


tells stories and performs funny songs based on his own life. “A lot of autobiographical stuff,” he confirms. “ I’m a father of four. I’ve been married for 25 years to a wonderful woman. That’s 87 show business years. It’s a very autobiographical act. It’s not really observational. I don’t think I ever said ‘did you ever notice?’  I don’t think I say that in my act.”


His songs are probably what people know best, thanks to several appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. “The songs sort of pop into my head,” he explains. “I mean just work and work and play the guitar and I bring it on the road with me so during the day I’m working on music things and practicing the guitar and I just think of various themes that might be a fun song. Sometimes they even double. Certainly sometimes I‘ll have stand-up material about having three girls and boy, but that doesn’t stop me form writing songs about it as well.”


Regularly appearing on a national radio show, though, creates certain expectations among the audience who often want to hear “the greatest hits.” “Especially with music,” he concurs. “Sometimes you feel ‘I should let that go,’ but a course for the songs that get played on Bob & Tom, I can literally see the people in the audience singing along with me. Not that it’s Bruce Springsteen playing ‘Born To Run,’ but plenty of people want to hear that song that they heard on the radio.”

Tom Wilson perfoms at The Funny Bone on the Levee Friday April 9 through Sunday April 11


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