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Tom Schwartz on his second beer throwing: 'Whoops I did it again'

Tom Schwartz on the hit Bravo series 'Vanderpump Rules.'
Tom Schwartz on the hit Bravo series 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Tom Schwartz and the cast of Vanderpump Rules headed to Cabo for Stassi Schroeder on last night's episode of the show, and as always, there was plenty of drama. Although the cast wanted to experience a nice, relaxing vacation in honor of Stassi's 25th, the booze quickly began flowing and led to some pretty controversial stuff.

One particularly controversial happening was Tom's throwing of his beer on girlfriend Katie Maloney, which makes to spilled drinks thus far in the series, both courtesy of Tom.

In his weekly blog, Tom is opening up about the incident and issuing an apology to his lady.

"Whoops I did it again. I'm not that innocent," Tom began in his Bravo blog on Jan. 7. "I'll begin by issuing an apology to my love and expressing my disappointment in my actions. There is the part of me that knows this act is morally reprehensible. No real man throws a beer on the woman he loves, right?"

He continued, "I pride myself on being cool calm and collected. A libra. Balanced. Full of levity and perspective. However there is another part of me, a part that feels little remorse for this. He was drowning in a sea of pettiness and bickering that was washing away any chances of having fun in a land he's never visited. He is, my Tyler Durden. I was experiencing a real life Mean Girls scenario and was utterly shocked and disgusted of the behavior around me."

While Tom is certainly one of the less dramatic characters on the show, everyone has their limits and last night, he reached his. Unfortunately, he had a beer handy, and one thing led to another. However, he's apologizing and acknowledging that his behavior was out of line, and that's what is important. Sure, if he just went around dumping beers on everyone for no apparent reason and with no remorse, questions would be raised, but in this case, he deserves forgiveness -- and some sort of gift card for a spill proof beer holder (an adult sippy cup perhaps?).

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