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Tom Mison marries: 'Sleepy Hollow's' Ichabod Crane hitched in 'rustic' wedding

Tom Mison of "Sleepy Hollow" married last month, but kept it under wraps until just now. The Ichabod Crane actor has become a Hollywood heartthrob!
Tom Mison of "Sleepy Hollow" married last month, but kept it under wraps until just now. The Ichabod Crane actor has become a Hollywood heartthrob!
"Sleepy Hollow" promo

Ichabod Crane, or the man who plays that role, Tom Mison, is now a married man. Mison married Charlotte Coy, who is a former actress and now sells vintage items as Dotty Pigeon, her trade name. That handsome "Sleepy Hollow" actor, who is very rarely seen out of the same vintage clothing on air, looks a bit different in today's clothes.

According the the New York Daily News on June 1, Mison and Coy married last month, keeping their wedding, which was performed in a "rustic setting," low-keyed. They then embarked on a honeymoon before coming back to the states for Mison to promote "Sleepy Hollow's" second season. Their wedding was kept under wraps until recently.

Bustle reports that family and a few friends joined the couple for their nuptials and all that is known about the bride's wedding attire was that it was "non-traditional." In his role as Ichabod Crane, the blue-eyed visitor from another era, has melted hearts with just one stare.

His sexy English accent coupled with a flare of old English vocabulary, Mison has emerged from his role of Icabod as one of Hollywood's sexiest actors. The story line of the show starts with Icabod Crane coming back to life along with the headless horseman in the upstate New York town of "Sleepy Hollow."

The headless horseman embarks on a series of murders bringing out a female detective, Abby, who joins forces with Crane to try and rope the headless dude in. During their early journey they find out that both Abby and Crane are chosen for this job by forces they don't understand.

The supernatural thrillers brings many twists and turns, like Crane's beloved wife Katrina, who is stuck in a purgatory-like realm and can only visit with Crane in and out of dream-like sequences. She is a witch who offers help along the way to Abby and Crane.

The end of the world is coming as the one horseman is met by others and this signifies the end of mankind. What started out as two people born centuries apart trying to solve a murder case turns into the two now joining forces to save the world.

The show contains just the right amount of everything and many comical moments come out of Crane discovering modern day technology, such as a cell phone. It is a show worth watching. "Sleepy Hollow" returns for a second season on Fox in October.

This supernatural thriller based on folklore was a runaway hit with its first season. Mison in his role of Ichabod Crane became an instant heartthrob. His acting, along with Nicole Beharie, who plays Lt. Abby Mills, is more than superb.

There is a chemistry between the two that has a hint of romance, but more along the lines of soul mates. You don't find any better acting than this on TV today. Check it out and you won't be sorry, it is a show that really pulls you in.

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