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Tom Gormican explains Michael K. Williams' cameo in 'That Awkward Moment'

For moviegoers who wonder what in the world Michael K. Williams has to do with the 2014 romantic comedy "That Awkward Moment," the answer is simple: nothing.

This is a screenshot from the YouTube video of Michael K. Williams in "That Awkward Moment."
YouTube/Paul Bismuth

In an interview with writer and director Tom Gormican, he explains why Omar from "The Wire" is seen at the end of the film during the bloopers.

"He's good friends with Michael B. Jordan from 'The Wire,'" Gormican said. "He's Omar, and Michael was Wallace. They've been friends since...Michael, I think, was 12 or 13 when he shot that. So he just dropped by set. I'm a huge 'Wire' fan so I was sort of, you know, geeking out."

The director asked Williams to be in the film and was met with an "Of course."

Although Williams wasn't written into the actual plot, Gormican found a way to segue Williams into the script by playing on the fact that Jordan's character Mikey had been drinking all day after he found out his wife was still cheating on him. Well played. Viewers have to stick around until the end to see the two "The Wire" actors briefly interact though.

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