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Tom Cruise ‘Star Wars’ cameo rumor debunked

Actor Tom Cruise and Star Wars Episode 7 director J. J. Abrams at last year's Star Trek Into Darkness premiere.
Actor Tom Cruise and Star Wars Episode 7 director J. J. Abrams at last year's Star Trek Into Darkness premiere.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

“Star Wars” fans may have been misled Monday with the rumor that Tom Cruise would make a cameo appearance in the upcoming “Star Wars” film. However, that rumor was quickly debunked.

News sources everywhere from Yahoo to MTV spoke of the possibility of Cruise appearing in a scene from “Star Wars Episode 7”. According to the "Huffington Post", “The Sun” reported that Cruise met with director and friend J.J. Abrams Saturday over dinner at a London hotel to talk over the possibility of Cruise making a cameo appearance. The gossip news site seemed to enhance the believability of the rumor when it stated that “there’s a new hope that this might happen!”. On top of this, also spoke of the possibility of Harrison Ford’s role as Han Solo being “written down or completely [taken] out of Episode VII . . . ”

These rumors have probably been due to “The Sun”, a tabloid newspaper, that seems to be the first news source to report the meeting between Cruise and Abrams. “The Sun” received the information from a “Star Wars” insider, according to, an entertainment industry news site. also spoke of the possibility that the cameo appearance was “tabloid tittle-tattle using Cruise and Abrams’ friendship as an excuse to justify what would be a potentially explosive story for Star Wars fans.” While there is no evidence of this intention, was right about the story being just that: a story and nothing more. It was only a matter of hours that the rumor of Cruise’s cameo was debunked. “Entertainment Tonight”’s website reported that a representative of Cruise stated that the rumor was false.

The idea that Ford could possibly be taken out of the movie also likely roots back to “The Sun”’s report. “The Sun” reported that the above mentioned insider said, “’Losing Harrison is going to set things back a little‘“ as if Ford was fired from the movie completely.

Cruise’s latest science fiction role is in “Edge of Tomorrow” which released June 6. As of this writing, it is not clear whether the rumor of Ford’s removal from “Star Wars Episode 7” has been debunked but it also is likely to be false.

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