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Tom Cruise shines in 'Edge of Tomorrow'

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Tom Cruise was at his best in his new action packed science fiction thriller "Edge of Tomorrow." This movie is a " must-see" reported Fox News on June 5, 2014. This film is an unforgettable energizer and the best action movie of the summer season.

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Cruise must be finding time for a daily bike ride, jog, or swim because at 51-years-old he shows in this flick that he is still capable of running, jumping and fighting monsters just like he's still a teen action star. He plays Major William Cage brilliantly. After being demoted to a private because he didn't want to go to the front lines Cage is immediately killed in action. Cage than wakes up at the beginning of the previous day with his memory intact of everything that had happened.

Cage keeps going through death and rebirth as his confidence builds and he finally becomes a fantastic hardened fighting machine. His life is reset every time he gets killed in action. Cage is all caught up in a bizarre dilemma wherein he is the only person who is able to save the planet from alien domination. This spellbinding action plot is perfect for Cruise who appears at his best in years.

"The Edge of Tomorrow" is rated as being smart, exciting and unexpected by the Los Angeles Times. Cruise does a spectacular job playing the lead role in this science-fiction epic about humanity's fight to the death against alien invaders. This is a fast moving story which challenges your imagination. Cruise plays the role of Cage with such dynamism and magnetism he makes us think anything may actually be possible.


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