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Tom Cruise’s ‘Risky Business’ impression has Johnny Ruffo in his underwear

Tom Cruise has got to be impressed with the latest homage paid to his movie “Risky Business.” Johnny Ruffo had the fans of Hollywood awestruck with his Cruise’s impression and replicated the look right down to the tighty-whities. According to the Nine MSN on Sunday, the former “X Factor” contestant had the viewer’s attention as he got thousands of likes on Instagram for the moment.

Joking that acting out scenes from a movie is what he does in his spare time, the fans around the world couldn’t help but notice how spot on the moment looked. From the white shirt to the subtle moves, the fans immediately showed their appreciation.

The young entertainer definitely knows how to make an entrance. The Instagram video is a perfect replication of the 1983 comedy “Risky Business” and offered a big reminder of how popular the legendary moment was in film. Years later the fans are still talking about the moment that is part of Tom Cruise’s career.

While viewers aren’t sure if Tom Cruise has seen the video impression, but if he does it would be a big compliment to Johnny Ruffo. Over the years people have tried to replicate the moment, but few have made it perfectly. Ruffo seems to have the perfect pose for the famous dance scene.

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