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Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss marriage urged by Scientology officials?

Two years after his split from actress Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has been the subject of several fleeting flirtations and romances, but so far he has not found a decent successor to his three ex-wives. Now, Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss dating rumors have triggered a social media firestorm after it was reported that Church of Scientology officials recommend that Cruise date Elisabeth Moss, a fellow Scientology member who is also known for playing Peggy Olson on "Mad Men."

Actor Tom Cruise, 51, is considered to be one of the floor leaders of the Church of Scientology, the sect to which he belongs. According to an April 4 report from Celebitchy, Scientologists want the star to marry a member of the same religion. "Lizzie is beautiful, smart and a little quirky," said an insider.

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The actress was briefly married to Fred Armisen of "Saturday Night Live," but divorced in 2010 after eight months of marriage. She says she joined the Church of Scientology because it provides stability.

Tom Cruise has had three previous failed marriages; actress Mimi Rogers between 1987 to 1990, Nicole Kidman between 1990-2001 and Katie Holmes between 2006-2012.

Insiders say that a Tom Cruise, Elisabeth Moss marriage would be perfect not only for the image of both, but for the whole congregation of Scientologists. She would help to maintain media interest in Tom, and marrying him would boost both of their careers.

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