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Tom Cruise dating rumors: Laura Prepon Tom Cruise's new girlfriend?

Latest Tom Cruise dating rumors have emerged that the actor is seeing actress Laura Prepon. Yes, this is yet another report about who Cruise's new girlfriend could be.

Prepon was raised in a Russian Jewish and Irish Catholic family in New Jersey. Prepon's first experience being exposed to Scientology was about 14 years ago. Her boyfriend, Chris Masterson, and "That 70s Show" co-star, Danny Masterson, introduced her to it.

This latest news comes from a RadarOnline April 18 report. Tom Cruise's rumored girlfriend has been named in an abundant amount of Scientology literature for working in various programs. By the time she was through completing one of them, Cruise was promoting a rehabilitation program for people who experienced the 9/11 attacks.

Since Laura Prepon broke up with Masterson in 2007, she's been spotted with big stars like John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Cruise has also been in the company of Travolta and Preston as well. Prepon's family friend, Alanna Masterson, was dating Connor Cruise last summer. A rep for Tom Cruise has denied that he's dating Prepon, according to the report.

A few weeks ago Cruise was in the news over finding the right girlfriend. "Mad Men" actress, Elisabeth Moss, was the one media sources reported as an ideal match for Cruise. Of course, those were once again dating rumors. It's not even known if the two have ever met. All of this was based on the fact that Moss is also into Scientology.

Tom Cruise dating rumors will dominate the Internet until he gets serious about someone again. Who will be his next girlfriend?

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