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Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon How many is too many?

Too many wives that is? We only hear about Tom Cruise and who he is dating- or actually who he is denying dating but married to a week later, when that person is about to become his next wife. Otherwise, he is just good for his next action movie. I could go on about that bu I will hold off since this is about dating. I was just wondering, I know he looks young, money does that for you, but he is not young and like I said every girl we hear about he ends up married to. So, my question is, when is enough enough? Also, why does it matter enough to be trending on the top five on Google? Laura is the new star of the hit TV show "Orange is the New Black." She is also a Scientologist. I guess that is good news for him, he doesn't have to go through all that weird scrutiny he went through with Katie's conversion. Seriously though, I think the guy has had enough. No more wives, they don't work for him. He is a total fail at the whole marriage thing. Either that or he is a total fail at the choosing thing. Either way, just date,Tom, and stop trying to keep everything such a secret. It only makes it more controversial and we are tired of your controversy and not sure we can handle too many more action movies to cover all of your divorces.

How many wives is too many wives?
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