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Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in New 'Edge of Tomorrow' Trailer

If Groundhog Day showed us anything, it's that watching someone die over and over again can be pretty funny if done right. Or in the case of Source Code, and again in Groundhog Day, death can be used to show how important the way one lives their life really can be. Tom Cruise's character in Edge of Tomorrow will be thrust in a similar scenario, only he gets to face it packing some seriously bad-ass weaponry.

"Live Die Repeat"

A new trailer for the Doug Liman-directed Edge of Tomorrow has been released, and there's a little bit of humor underneath all of the flashy special effects and time travel hijinks. Based on the Japanese novel, All You Need is Kill, Cruise plays an inexperienced soldier killed early in an alien war, only to wind up in a time loop. Forced to relive his death repeatedly, he eventually becomes the hardened soldier needed to turn the war's tide. Plus he gets to hang out with Emily Blunt as another soldier who seems to know of his predicament.

Edge of Tomorrow opens June 4th.

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