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Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss: Church of Scientology playing matchmaker for Tom

Tom Cruise
Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss could be the next "it" couple in Hollywood -- that is, if the church of Scientology has anything to do with it. On April 6, eCanadaNow reported that the church would love to see the two get together and that their shared faith makes them a great match.

"One entity in particular that wants to see Cruise enter into a new relationship is the Church of Scientology. Cruise and Moss are both devout members of the Church. A source has stated that the Church of Scientology would be delighted to see one of their leading members get involved romantically with another member," reports eCanadaNow.

Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss might have a lot more in common than you think. Aside from the fact that they are both actors, neither of them have had much luck with relationships. They are both single and have both gone through a divorce (Cruise with Katie Holmes and Moss with Fred Armisen). Anyone who is holding out for either celeb to rekindle things with their past lovers? It's time to move on.

The church of Scientology prides itself on "fixing up" its members and this wouldn't be something new. If Cruise and Moss got together romantically, you can bet that the stars aligned in part because some Scientologists made it happen.

Would Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss make a good couple?

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