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Tom Arnold maintains 90-pound weight loss with exercise and low-carb diet

Tom Arnold credits a low-carb diet and cardio workouts for his 90-pound weight loss.
Buckner, Kim/Getty Images

Tom Arnold is in the best shape of his life after his 90-pound weight loss, but works hard every day to stay on track.

"Every day I'm working at it," Arnold told People Feb. 4. "It can be challenging, and some days I do better than others."

The 6-foot-2 Tom, who once tipped the scales at 300 pounds, has lost 90 pounds since April 2013 by doing cardio, circuit-training and abdominal workouts. He also follows a low-carb diet, and has drastically cut back on bread and sugar consumption.

Whereas Tom once wolfed down six-egg cheese omelets, six sausage links, and a massive bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, he's now content eating Greek yogurt with chia seeds and agave nectar first thing in the morning.

Arnold, whose weight has fluctuated wildly over the years, is determined to not regain the weight this time. "Every other time I lost weight and got to my goal, I ended up gaining it all back" he said.

"This time it's a lifestyle change and it's also for my wife [Ashley, 38] and son [Jax, 9 months]. So every day I work on it. I just have to be aware of it and it gets a little bit easier."

Tom, 54, said his weight gain was due to depression-induced emotional overeating. Arnold, who had been overweight much of his life, decided on the day his son was born (in April 2013) to completely overhaul his diet, start exercising, and make health his top priority so he can be around to see Jax grow into a man.

Arnold is proud not only for his weight loss, but for becoming a healthy person he can be proud of. “It’s shocking,” he said. "I had no idea I was that big. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel like a thin person, but I definitely feel like a healthy person."

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