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Tom Arnold: Recovers from depression and transforms from flab to fab

Tom Arnold, celebrity, actor and comedian was suffering from depression. This condition affected him so much that his release caused him to indulge and overeat from the emotional affects the depression hold had over him.

Tom Arnold loses 89 pounds after wake-call from depression!
Angela Weiss and Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Tom received at wake-up call this past April when his son, Jax was born. He realized that the state he was in could not continue if he was going to be a good father and do right by his son as well as be there for him for all the years he would be growing up to be the little man he dreamed in his heart he could be. People reported the news on Jan. 2 that Arnold spent the last nine months working on his lifestyle, diet and entered into a training program which included abdominal workouts, cardio, low-fat and a low-carbohydrate diet.

The program for weight loss and exercise worked and he stuck to it faithfully. Now he is strutting around eighty-nine pounds lighter and in the best shape he has been in for many years.

What a drive and accomplishment to have made in such a short time frame. Now he will have the energy and feel good about running after Jax when he is ready to stand, walk and run himself. It will be a wonderful feeling to feel healthy and know he’ll be there for his son not just physically fit but mentally fit as well.

“But his favorite exercise? Rolling around with Jax. "I have tons more energy to play with my son," he says.”

Congratulations Tom Arnold!

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