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Tolle vs. Abraham-Hicks: Two spiritual paths with the same destination, a hot topic in Columbus

Ancient Mayan Ruin
Ancient Mayan Ruin
Photo by Elaine Hiatt

Someone recently was describing their confusion on how to reconcile the teachings of Abraham (via Esther Hicks) and Eckhart Tolle, which seem to contradict each other regarding thought.

It is easy to understand the confusion on the seeming difference between the Abraham teaching on choosing different thoughts to access a better feeling and Tolle’s teaching on being present and stopping the incessant flow of thought. How I understand the synthesis of these teachings is through one of my personal sayings, “You have to be where you are to get where you’re going.”

Abraham speaks of paying attention to how we feel and making that of highest importance. Telling a different story is about changing our feeling-state, which is what makes up our vibrational tone or frequency. This then is our point of attraction. The hook is that we all want better “stuff” and we all want to feel better. Abraham speaks to what many of us need to hear in a way we need to hear it and offers great motivation for doing so – a better life.

Tolle writes of being present, which is about being aware of our inner state. He offers tools such as listening to the silence between and underneath sounds, feeling our inner body, and acceptance of what is in the moment. The hook is about accessing inner peace. Great motivation, also, but perhaps to a smaller audience. Some may be ready to hear Abraham teachings based on “practical” application of deliberately manifesting desires more than a nebulous “inner peace.” Others will understand that the latter will produce the former, anyway. Both are about taking control of our minds.

To change our story, to access a different feeling, we have to first become aware of what we are feeling in our bodies, as well as what thoughts we were thinking, in order to make the conscious choice to shift our focus to ‘better feeling thoughts’. Conscious choice – those are the key words that tie us into Tolle’s teachings. To make a conscious choice, we must be present or ‘in the Now’ to do so.

Tolle recognizes that we may only access the gap between thoughts for a few seconds, but that is enough. And that same state is what is required to shift to different thoughts, as well. Both teachings are really about being present, making a conscious choice about where we put our attention, and allowing whatever is to be without judgment. Tolle speaks of this as accessing inner peace. Abraham-Hicks speaks of it as allowing deliberate co-creation. Both are speaking of accessing the powerful inner Being that we are, even if from different perspectives.

The tools of Tolle can be useful in bringing our minds back to our control rather than the other way around. It can seem very challenging to stop our inner negative chatter and redirect it. Abraham tells us to pay attention to our feelings. So does Tolle. Tolle tells us how to feel our deepest Self via the ‘inner body’. Both require paying attention, to become present enough to choose consciously. Tolle writes of becoming aware of the silence. He does not write about what comes next, although notes that it may only be a few seconds that we access this inner space. Abraham’s message of choosing a better story is very useful for ‘what comes next’, at least until we have mastered our “monkey mind” to the point of inner quiet all the time. Tolle acknowledges that most people will come to this healed state of freedom from incessant inner chatter very gradually. So, until then, we can at least consciously choose thoughts that serve us as Abraham teaches.

So, this is how I see the synthesis of these two great teachings. Consciously choose to practice Presence or experience our Inner Being via deliberately noticing the gap between thoughts, between sounds, between objects; accept what is in the moment without judgment (without telling a negative story about it), and consciously choose better feeling thoughts. Until we no longer need to practice at all. Until we reach that enlightened state, however, we can use the wisdom of both of these teachings to be where we are until we get where we’re going.

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