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Tolerating hate for a few dollars more

For lack of a few dollars more Donald Sterling waves goodbye to public life
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

From the mobs reaction to the Donald Sterling racism one might think he held these beliefs deep inside himself hidden from the world. It seems everyone is shocked, shocked as Captain Renault in Casablanca to find gambling going on as he collects his winnings. In reality Donald Sterling’s views were quite common knowledge. That is what made him such an easy target.

An easy target for Vanessa Stiviano or Maria Valdez, or Monica Gallegos, or Maria Monica Perez Galiegoes, or whatever name she is using these days. The 38 year old met the 80 year old Donald at a Miami game and claimed she was 31. During the three years she posed as his arm candy she was paid better than Ashley Dupre without the sex with Spitzer. She received a $1.8 million dollar condo, $240,000 in “living” expenses and a car collection consisting of two Bentleys, a Ferrari, and a Range Rover. With her VStiviano lids and Tshirt collection failing (Site since pulled) and her looks leaving like ripples in a pond she needed a retirement plan. So a not so cheap woman with a cheap recorder is shocked to find after three years her sugar daddy gets mad. Not that she is fucking blacks, not that she brings blacks to his mansion but that the world can see the woman he is cuckolding his wife with is cuckolding him. This black and Latino prostitute and her lawyer are now shocked, shocked to find racism in Donald Sterling’s heart.

Leon Jenkins president of the California chapter of the NAACP said he forgives his racist views. (National Association for the advancement of Colored People) Who awarded Donald Sterling a lifetime achievement award in 2009 after his conviction for housing discrimination, his new case of employment discrimination that year and a $45,000 grant to the NAACP. Leon forgives him for the good he has done for showering game tickets on disadvantaged youth of NAACP board members. But Mr. Jenkins will not present him with his second (?) lifetime achievement award this May at the NAACP gala. So although disgusted and saddened forgiveness is Christian and it pays according to Leon Jenkins in this quote “We are negotiating with him about giving more moneys to African American students at UCLA”.

We can’t be sure how shocked the Black Business association is after a $50,000 dollar donation bought him a Humanitarian of the year award in 2008. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. or Snoopy Doggy Dog known to friends as Snoop lion or Dog was so outraged he felt the need to post an expressive intelligible post on Instagram. (Snoop) The NBA who worked with the man for over thirty years is so shocked they ban and fine him. President Obama who while his justice department was involved in the employment discrimination suit in 2009 was also shocked at the offensive and ignorant rants of Sterling. Even Sterling’s wife of thirty years after dinner with him Sunday night expressed shock at his views.

What we have witnessed is the free market economy at work in the arena of racial justice. When demand was low Donald Sterling was able to buy tolerance for a pittance. For a few thousand here a few thousand there everyone overlooked his well known views as long as the dollars kept flowing. To make sure people didn’t forget his contributions to the “right” causes he took out ads to remind people and organizations. (See page 3) The mistake he made was when asked for a few dollars more by his concubine he should have realized demand was still low and paid a few dollars more.

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