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Tolerating harmful circumstances

Why do you suppose an adult endures an unhealthy environment? If you know someone tolerating harmful circumstances, from the outside looking in, the need for healthy change seems so clear, but from the inside looking out, the view is blurred.

What are you getting from your toxic relationship?
What are you getting from your toxic relationship?
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In past articles, we’ve explored how a person can gauge what is normal for this individual based on his or her childhood circumstances. If this environment was abusive, subconsciously, a comfort level is still established. Dysfunction from the past becomes the norm and therefore it is manifested and lived with as an adult.

Suppose though this individual is aware that the dysfunction he or she is enduring is unhealthy, and this person wants improvement, why stay?

Many times, the person coping with unfit circumstances may not be living mindfully in the here and now. What I mean is perhaps this individual’s psyche is living in the future, living with a vision of hopeful change while his or her body exists in the present moment.

When we live in the future (unaligned mind, body and spirit in the present moment), we sacrifice our physical wellbeing. While the mind might be trying to forget or avoid the current problems essentially living in the dream of a better future, the body isn’t able to because it is still dealing with the mayhem of today.

It is great to think positive, to have a hopeful outlook and to pray for change but at what point do you say enough is enough and do you choose health over dysfunction?

A lot of variables must be considered but in the end it still comes down to choice.

Lack of action to promote positive change is a choice. Sacrifice of your wellbeing for the sake of another, may be the act of an idealist short-term but at some point, you must take time to probe the individual you are hopeful about in order to validate the gamble of your precious fate. Does this person admit he or she is unhealthy? If he or she doesn’t see their behavior as problematic, what are the odds of change? Is this individual willing to seek help to enable your dream? How much of your life are you willing to sacrifice? Some people never rise above or push beyond their unhealthy environment; they live tethered to heartache.

If this is you, you are worthy of so much more than a wish for change, you deserve support that fuels your best instead of circumstances that continually drain and manifest the worst.

Please realize, you are not your situation; you are better than your circumstances. Seek help!

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