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Toledoan Steinfurth appears on Dr. Phil show about Elaina's murder

Eighteen month old Elaina Steinfurth was murdered last June in Toledo.
Eighteen month old Elaina Steinfurth was murdered last June in Toledo.

Terry "T.J." Steinfurth of Toledo has asked Dr. Phil how to deal with the murder of his baby daughter Elaina.

Steinfurth appeared with his sister-in-law, Mary, on the Dr. Phil show Thursday. They were both seeking advice on how to continue on with their lives after the tragic death of Elaina Steinfurth last summer.

According to the Toledo newspaper, “The Blade” on June 2, 2013, Mr. Steinfurth’s daughter, Elaina, was reported missing from 704 Federal St. where her mother, Angela Steinfurth, was staying with her boyfriend, Steven King II. After months of searching, the girl’s decomposed remains were found Sept. 5 in a computer box in a detached garage at the Federal Street home. Both were found guilty of murder and a variety of other charges. Both are now serving life sentences.

In the meantime, Terry Steinfurth is struggling in his daily life. “When I think about Elaina, I just miss her smile, her playfulness,” Steinfurth told Dr. Phil. He has another daughter, Kylee, who also suffers due to the death of her little sister at the hands of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Steinfurth has found the stress unbearable at times, and he lashes out at others. "The Blade" reports he was arrested on March 22, 2014 for allegedly choking and slapping his girlfriend Rebecca Navaugh. He posted bond and was released. His trial has been put on a continuance in Toledo Municipal Court.

Angela Steinfurth’s sister, Mary, has also found family life to be difficult. “I miss her (Elaina) a lot,” Mary tearfully told Dr. Phil. “I miss her running around my house, grabbing my dog by its tail. I just miss her.” Tension has grown in her family because her father wants her to visit Angela in jail. She refuses.

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