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Toledo Ushers in a New Age of Compassion

Does Toledo Ohio have what it takes to be a compassionate city? Can Toledo be the harbinger of a new age of compassion? First, let us explore what compassion is, before an attempt is made to surmise the character of Toledo and its denizens. Compassion is not much unlike mercy in that it is an expressible emotion made clear by the actions the emotions produce. For example, a compassionate person might express their emotions of sorrow for the poor by providing for them on some level unmet (usually in the form of money, food or goods, but also through the provision of services and instruction). Compassionate people grant those less fortunate things necessary or highly valued.

At 10 a.m. on Friday, April 25, 2014, a press conference at the Government Center downtown will be held by the Mayor and the Toledo Council together with persons who are part of the Compassionate Toledo team. This should serve as an inauguration or at the very least an initiation, for Toledo’s new label: “A Compassionate City.” According to a recent poll taken by the Marchex Institue, apparently the entire state of Ohio ranks 5th least courteous in all the 50 states of the union. Given the close relationship that courtesy and compassion have with each other, and given that Toledo is a major city in Ohio, it serves then that a compassionate Toledo would be a rather tall order.

This is where the New Age magic comes in. In a sacred mystical text entitled Liber Librae, Section 12, it is noted that unbalanced severity is cruelty while unbalanced mercy leads to weakness. Many Toledoans seem to know that an abundance of compassion tends to lead people to take those things given for granted—because compassion yields granted mercy. True too, many Toledoans also know to keep the severity and ultimate ends of discipline in check, so as not to yield cruelty and unkindness.

As part of the current Compassionate Toledo movement, it is encouraged that all New Agers consider the meaning and intent of the message spelled out by the Liber Librae. Practice, patience and will are the keys to exercising compassion in the right proportions necessary for growth and progress.

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