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Tokyo man on fire: Torches himself at train station as horrified crowd watches

Man sets himself on fire in front of crowds at busy Tokyo train station.
Twitter/ Around Tokyo

One of the busiest train stations in Tokyo turned into a horror show as a man doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. This happened in the middle of the day in front of crowds of stunned onlookers. The man, who did this act in a protest, perched on the scaffolding above the crowd and had his say with a megaphone before torching himself, according to the New York Daily News on June 29.

The area was bustling with shoppers and commuters and people from the buildings that towered above the area were also watching this out the windows. Some of the pictures captured of this event are gruesome, but the social networks were buzzing with this story as soon as the man torched himself, according to Yahoo News.

The man sat with his legs crossed with two plastic bottles perched next to him on the metal beam. After he lit himself on fire he didn’t move from that pose, as if he was meditating. The man is said to be in his 50s or 60s was saved by firefighters who were at the ready for this man.

It is not known if the firefighters got a head’s up that this was about to happen or if they saw him acting suspicious and got an idea of what the man was about to do, but they were there with hoses at the ready. As soon as the man went up in flames, the firefighters aimed their hoses at the man and extinguished the flames encompassing his body.

Then a firefighter climbed up to where the man was still sitting in that position and knocked him down to the walkway where the firefighters doused him with water again. This sounds a bit bizarre as in this country the man would have been taken off the scaffolding with extreme care.

The man lived, but he has burns covering most of his body. This was a very rare sight for the usual orderly city of Tokyo. As soon as the man took out his megaphone and started his spiel on protesting the government’s move to change Japan’s defense policy, cameras started clicking.

When Japan’s Cabinet meets on Tuesday the proposal to “collective self-defense” is expected to be approved. This will “allow Japan to play a more assertive role in international security amid China’s growing military presence and rising regional tensions.” The man lit himself on fire to show how much he disapproves of the “collective self-defense” proposal.

People watching this man took out their cell phones and took pictures and videos that immediately saturated the social networks on the other side of the world.

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