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Toggling within Self, not between Apps

Have you ever teetered between two or more ideas or situations, in the hope of making the best choice, and then found out that the options under such thoughtful consideration are no longer available? Processing information is an important part of any decision-making process, however the time it takes us to fully weigh our options, ultimately impacts the choices we have. Day to day, we don’t want to expend energy watching a clock and being antagonized by the minutes. On a larger scale, however, understanding what is invaluable to us supports our ability to execute on decisions in a meaningful and timely way.
Let’s take a small example- you are at a restaurant and the server is communicating the dinner special to you, as you are pondering and asking for their recommendation, a message is delivered that the special catch of the day is no longer available. The table behind you placed their order first. Although missing a fish dish isn’t a big deal what about a bid/application on a home/apartment that you have been searching for? Or what about delaying action on launching a new product only to later see it being brought to market by someone else? If we get caught up questioning if this is something that we really want, our hesitation to act swiftly may inevitably cost us.
Some of us are faster at processing whether a situation is worth pursuing. To those of us who find ourselves frequently toggling, we have homework. The delay in moving forward with a choice may stem from not fully knowing our selves and what is important. It could also be that it is not the right fit and we are having difficulty in letting go. Either way, this is information for us to look at more closely so that we don’t find ourselves missing out on an opportunity under the guise of thoughtfulness.
One final note, opportunities do resurface, so there is not an implication that we have to live fearful of not making the right choice the first go-around. The goal is to live mindfully of who we are so when we are presented with options, we know instinctually what is the best choice for us.

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