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Toddler heroin: Toddler with heroin in preschool, dad gets arrested

Phillips Young
Phillips Young

A toddler with heroin at a daycare facility in New Jersey, and the toddler’s dad – Phillips Young - ended up getting arrested. Quite incredibly, the child was in possession of 48 packets of heroin, according to an Inquisitr report on Tuesday.

On Monday morning, Phillips Young – of East 30th Street in Paterson in New Jersey – dropped his child off at Michael’s Energy Center in Paterson. One of the employees at the facility was reportedly assisting the toddler with taking its jacket off when the heroin was revealed. After the 48 glassine envelopes filled with the drug was found in the toddler’s jacket, police were immediately called by the preschool.

There was grave concern among parents of other children about the situation because the preschool failed to inform the other parents about the heroin at the facility. Some parents were shocked when they heard the news on television. Naturally, parents were concerned that their child could have discovered the heroin in the child’s pocket before an employee had discovered it – and the child could have possibly put it in his or her mouth.

Police officers arrested Young – who dropped the girl off at the preschool. It is not known if the heroin was for Young’s personal use or if he is a dealer – or if he possibly uses the heroin for yet another reason. He was charged with child endangerment.

Michael’s Energy Center advertises that it gives “childhood education at its best” and services children from 18-months of age to four years old.