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Toddler shoots himself in the face with gun in North Carolina

North Carolina toddler dead after shooting himself
North Carolina toddler dead after shooting himself

A visit to a grandparent's home in Charlotte, North Carolina took a tragic turn on the afternoon of April, 13 after a three-year-old toddler gained access to a loaded pistol and shot himself in the face dying instantly.

The child's grandfather Kevin McDuffie, 49, says he was taking an afternoon nap when he was awakened by the sound of gunfire. McDuffie spoke to and said:

We had a bad tragedy. He shot himself. When I went in the room, there was the little boy.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have not released the identities of the parents or victim, but McDuffie says the victim, Anthony, along with his other grandchildren visit his home every other Sunday.

Anthony's father rushed the mortally wounded child to the Carolinas Medical Center, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Foul play is not suspected. At this time no charges have been filed.

Details surrounding the weapon have not been released including where the weapon was located, to whom the weapon belonged, and what the circumstances were for a loaded weapon to be in an area accessible to a child. While police officials have not publicly spoken about criminal charges it is possible family members may yet face charges including, but not limited to, criminal negligence and child endangerment.

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