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Toddler rescued from train tracks: Watch as stroller careens into London tube

A toddler rescued from train tracks in London was unhurt, but police said the incident warrants further investigation and are looking for the couple who briefly turned their backs on their buggy – and almost lost their infant child.

Writes NBC News: “A toddler was seconds away from being struck by a subway train in London after a gust of wind blew the small child's stroller onto the tracks. CCTV footage showed the parents' backs were turned for just a few seconds when wind pushed through the underground tunnels rolled the stroller onto the line at Goodge Street Underground Station in the city center.”

Video released by CCTV shows a man rolling a pram near the tube entrance. He then goes back up the stairs to fetch another buggy with another child. Meanwhile, the first stroller starts to roll into the tube and careens over the edge, falling into the tracks just seconds after a train has vacated the station.

The child’s mother jumps into the electrified tracks while a teen with headphones seems oblivious to the incident. The mom is able to pluck the child and the pram out with seconds to spare before the next train arrives. The video images make every parent nervous just watching the terrifying scene unfold.

The heart-stopping video was released yesterday by British Transport Police. They are looking for the couple who face questioning.

Chief Inspector Lawrie said the incident shows how dangerous it can be to leave your children unattended, even momentarily, especially in the London Underground subway system. The couple, wanted for questioning, could also face potential child endangerment charges, police say.

“This was a frightening incident, not just for the scale of the danger the child was exposed to, but also because the woman then put her own life on the line by going on to the tracks,” Lawrie said.

Reports UK’s Daily Mail: “Officers want to make sure the child did not suffer any injuries. Although it appears the accident was a simple mistake, the couple could also face charges. The mother was wearing jeans, a black and white striped T-shirt and carrying a rucksack, with her blonde hair tied back. The man who was with her had dark hair and was wearing an orange and white striped T-shirt.”

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