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Toddler rescued from train tracks by heroic mom in dramatic video (Update)

Incredible video footage showing a toddler rescued from train tracks just mere seconds before a train comes is making its rounds on the web and the incident is being called a miracle by many. As reported by NBC News today, the British Transport Police released the dramatic video on Monday. As seen in the footage, the wind pushes a baby stroller onto the train tracks just inches away from electrified rails. The toddler's mother then sets out to rescue him moments before the arrival of the train.

The incident occurred on July 23 when a man turned his back on the toddler's stroller at the foot of a staircase and then went to help other people with their luggage.

The toddler was rescued from the train tracks at Goodge Street London Underground station and the event was captured by the security cameras of the place. In the video you can see how a man leaves a stroller for only a few seconds and then it is pushed by the wind onto the train tracks. When the mother sees the baby, she immediately leaps into action to rescue him.

The British transport agency issued a press release about what happened. In the statement, Chief Inspector Mark Lawrie said that it was a terrifying incident, not only due to the magnitude of the danger that the child was exposed to, but also because the woman put her own life on the line by going to the tracks.

According to an updated report from Mail Online, the incident triggered a firestorm of outrage on social media networks. One upset social media user wrote: ‘How stupid can you get leaving a pushchair anywhere for a few seconds. Terrible parenting!

Police are seeking to identify the couple and they could face charges.

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