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Toddler remains found in toy chest: Gruesome discovery by Tucson landlord

Toddler remains found in toy box, parents arrested.
Toddler remains found in toy box, parents arrested.
Tucson Police Department via KTLA 5 News

A toddler’s remains were found inside a toy chest that was left behind by his parents when they were evicted from the residence. A Tucson, Arizona landlord made the gruesome discovery of the skeletal remains of a 3-year-old little boy when he opened the toy chest. The box was among the family’s discarded belongings, according to People on March 8.

Little Roman Barreras was starved to death and made to live in a tiny room behind the family house. When he died, his little body was stuffed into the toy chest and discarded at the house along with the family’s other unwanted belongings, like he was garbage.

This story has pulled at the heart-string of the nation today. Raquel Barreras, 39, the boy’s mother has been charged with child abuse and murder. Her husband and the boy’s father, Martin Barreras, 45, was charged with child abuse.

This has stunned the relatives of the Barreras family who said that the couple was very secretive and moved around a lot. Relatives also said that Roman was a beautiful little boy and they cannot understand how this happened.

The Villasenor Police have been to the house in the past, but they mostly responded to truancy complaints regarding the couples’ other children. The couple also has three girls ages 19, 7 and 4. They also have a 12 year-old boy. Police never saw any signs of abuse during those visits.