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Toddler play equipment in Rincon Hill at Rincon Green Apartments!

Toddler play equipment at Rincon Green Apartments (333 Harrison Street)
Toddler play equipment at Rincon Green Apartments (333 Harrison Street)
Photo: Jamie Whitaker

Did you know that there is toddler playground equipment available for any supervised child to use at Rincon Green Apartments (333 Harrison Street)? While we wait for Oscar Park to get built out under the bus ramps to be constructed in the future as the Transbay Transit Center gets built and while we HOPE for a rooftop park at Transbay, this is a nice treat on Harrison Street at the Harrison exit ramp from the Bay Bridge/Fremont Street.

It is on top of the building's parking garage, so not necessarily visible to the person casually walking by. The grassy park inside the gates is also available to public during daylight hours, more or less. Typically, the gate near the Fremont/Freeway Ramp and Harrison Street to be the one that's usually unlatched and open for folks to access the park from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. (or 30 minutes prior to dusk, whichever is earlier).

For a more full service playground, the childrens area at Yerba Buena Gardens (south of Howard Street), South Park, or Sue Bierman Playground are the next closest destinations. There are hundreds of kids just in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, along with hundreds more staying in the daycare centers near high-rise offices each weekday.

Rincon Hill has thousands of new dwellings already, and thousands more getting built. Unfortunately, planned public parks are not yet built. Thankfully, Rincon Green welcomes neighbors to use the grassy space in front of their building as a nice respite from the concrete, steel, and glass that makes up most of the area near the Bay Bridge.

There are also several benches around the grassy park area. It makes a nice spot for reading or just hanging out.

Thank you to Alastair, Oz, and the others at Emerald Fund for this gift to the Rincon Hill neighborhood! Enjoy!

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