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Toddler killed by falling dolphin statue in Fisherman's Wharf: City cites owner

A toddler was killed by a falling statue while the family was visiting the San Francisco area on vacation from Utah. The 2-year-old boy was "climbing on" a metal dolphin statue when it toppled over, fatally injuring the boy, according to SF Weekly News on June 9.

Toddler is dead after a metal dolphin statue toppled over on him while he was playing with the art piece on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
YouTube screen shot/ NBC News

Officer Gordon Shyy describes the statue as a "heavy metal" statue that somehow became unbalanced, falling on him. This was in front of a business in San Francisco's famous tourist attraction, Fisherman's Wharf.

The boy, who was identified as Kayson Shelton from Draper, Utah, was taken to San Francisco Hospital. According to MSN News today, the boy came into the hospital having some "complications," from the traumatic injury. He was originally treated for a nose bleed, but he developed internal bleeding from the statue falling on him. His condition developed into critical status then the boy died later that afternoon from his injuries.

The child was straddling the dolphin statue when it toppled over. When the statue first fell on the child, the toddler's sister tried to move the statue off her brother, to no avail, the statue was just too heavy. The boy was with his parents and an older sister. Other family members were also present.

The city mandates a "blue line" system on sidewalks, which dictates a certain area in front of each business that needs to remain clear for pedestrians. There is a designated area for foot traffic and businesses are not to impede that area displaying their items on the sidewalk.

The business that owns the metal dolphin was warned by the city last year for having the dolphin statue in the area designated for pedestrian traffic. The dolphin was once again in the area that it shouldn't have been this year.

The business was ticketed for violating the city's code after this incident with the statue falling on the toddler. The statue was outside the blue line, said Shyy, like it was last year when they were warned. Last year when the America's Cup was hosted by the city, this business was warned about the statue's placement. Apparently they didn't heed the warning.

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