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Toddler heroin: New Jersey toddler brings heroin to daycare

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A toddler in New Jersey brought heroin to his daycare center, and police have arrested his father. Yahoo! News reports on March 11 that the child had 48 packets of heroin and did not know they were inside his jacket. A daycare worker immediately contacted police after discovering the drugs.

Phillip Young, the father of the toddler, is currently in jail for letting his child walk around with a large quantity of heroin in his jacket. The daycare workers think the 2-year-old did not know about the drugs, and he may not have been able to communicate because of his young age.

Michael’s Energy Factory, the daycare center, informed police that the child had been brought to the facility by the father. They were able to track him down quickly and arrest him. The staff claims the other children did not touch the heroin packets or see them, so no one else was in danger.

The heroin was only discovered after a daycare worker started to help the toddler take off his jacket inside the center. Parents have expressed their anger at Michael’s Energy Factory for not notifying them immediately after this discovery. Although they are glad the daycare reached out to police and handled the matter, they still want to hear about drugs being brought to the facility from staff instead of the news. Many of the parents who use this daycare remained unaware of the issue until they watched television.