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Toddler heroin mortifies daycare: 48 packets of heroin stuffed in kid's coat

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The toddler heroin story coming out of a New Jersey daycare is enough to leave a pit in your stomach when you realize what the alternate outcome of this horrendous event might have been. A toddler was dropped off at daycare by his father with 48 packets of heroin stuffed in his coat, which was discovered as a daycare worker was helping the child with his jacket, according to CBS 12 Local on March 12.

An immediate call was placed to the Paterson, New Jersey police who took custody of the heroin. With the help of the daycare staff it was determined that the toddler’s father was the person who dropped the little boy off at daycare that morning. The boy’s father, Phillip Young, 27, was arrested for the heroin stash and endangering the welfare of a child.

The other parents of this daycare, which is about 20 miles west of the Big Apple, are furious over this incident especially because they were not informed about this crime when it happened, reports 14U News.

Many of the parents first heard about the discovery of the heroin in a child's jacket from the news. Some became angered when learning that they were not informed of this incident at the time it happened by the people they employee to watch over their children.

If just one of those heroin packets had fallen out of the child’s coat and found by another child, this story could have turned tragic. Young is held on $85,000 bail, according to authorities.