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Toddler heroin: 2 y/o old goes to daycare with 48 packets of heroin, dad charged

Toddler heroin: 2-year-old shows up at daycare with 48 packets of heroin
Toddler heroin: 2-year-old shows up at daycare with 48 packets of heroin
Daily News

A toddler took heroin to his daycare center resulting in the arrest of the toddler’s father. On Monday, the two-year-old toddler showed up at his daycare center in New Jersey with 48 packets of heroin. By Tuesday, the toddler’s classmates or their parents still had no idea of what had occurred, reported NBC News on March 11, 2014.

Understandably, the parents of the other young children are upset about the lack of communication provided by the daycare. What if one of their children would have seen the white powder and – thinking it was some kind of candy – tasted it?

"My daughter sees something on the floor, puts it in her mouth thinking it's candy -- same thing could have happened here," said one of the parents.

While there have been no reports that any of the other children saw or tasted the heroin that the toddler had brought to daycare, the lack of communication from the daycare center – called Michael's Energy Factory – is frightening.

The toddler who brought the heroin to daycare was dropped off by his 27-year-old father, Phillip Young. According to police, an employee at the center found the 48 glassine envelopes in the young child’s jacket and notified authorities. Police do not believe that the child was aware of what was in the jacket. Young was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and is being held on $85,000 bail.